Commercial Rent Arrears

Commercial Tenant Rent Arrears

Forfeiture of Commercial Lease (Rent Arrears)
 If you have a tenant with commercial rent arrears, and have a "Forfeiture Clause"in the lease you can instruct us directly by completing  our Authority to Effect Forfeiture form in our On-line Forms page. The tenant must have arrears over the stipulated period 7,  14, or 21 days as per the lease. 

 Madagans enforcement agent / bailiffs aim to effect all lease forfeiture/s within 48 hours, we have a fixed fee for  the attendance of the bailiff & locksmith  including 2 lock changes within the London postal codes, forfeitures outside the M25 will be charged accordingly please call

 An abortive fee £195.00 + vat will be charged for the attendance of the bailiff/locksmith if re-entry is not permitted or  peaceable re-entry can not be carried out due to the premises being occupied. Mileage will be charged if outside the M25.

 A full fee will be charged if the bailiff/locksmith has re-entered the premises and  finds unauthorised person/s in the property who refuse to leave peaceably or causes an obstruction.

 Forfeiture Notice with a Torts Notice on request.

 Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR Notice of Enforcement)
 If your tenant has rent arrears and you do not want to forfeit the premises, then you may prefer this option,
 your tenant must have arrears over the stipulated period 7, 14, or 21 days as per the lease.

 "Rent does not include any sum in respect of rates, council tax, services, repairs, maintenance, insurance or other ancillary  matters whether or not called RENT in the lease".

 You can instruct Madagans directly by completing ourCRAR Notice Authorityform found on our On-line formspage .

 A compliance fee of £75 + vat is charged on an upfront basis, on receipt of this payment the CRAR Notice of Enforcement will  be issued giving your tenants 7 clear day's to arrange payment (this 7 days does not include Sunday's, bank holiday's, &  allow's 1 day for postage). If payment is not received by the stipulated date, our bailiff will attend the premises to take control  of the goods to the value of the debt, if the debt cannot be recovered whilst on site the the bailiff will leave giving the tenants a  further 7 days notice before removal/sale of goods. 

 An abortive fee of £195 + vat will be charged if our bailiff attend's  the premises to take control of goods, and finds that the premises have been abandoned, locked up, or is in a company administration without giving prior notice to the bailiff before leaving base. Mileage and parking will also be charged if the premises are outside the M25.

 Extra fees will be added to the debt when a bailiff is involved.
 • £75 will be added to the debt when the initial ‘Notice of enforcement’ letter is sent
 • £235 +7.5% of the debt’s value over £1,500 will be added when the bailiff makes their first visit
 • £110 +7.5% of the debt’s value over £1,500 will be added if the bailiff comes back to remove goods
 • Other storage and auction costs will be added if goods are removed and sold

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